Harry Gallagher, Writer, Warm-Hearted & Witty

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I was born in 1929 in Shafton South Yorkshire. Shafton is a small Parish North East of Barnsley & within the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley.

Parents- I was the son of a 'Collier' of whom I was named after, Christian name - not surname....of course that much is obvious, isn't it? My mother was very much the "glue" to the family who worked as a "clippy" on the buses (the bus conductor). They (my parents) shared a passion for music & they could both play the piano well, my Father by 'ear' & Mother could read music as well as play well.

Growing up- Such was the times I had to fight to get through my early years, quite literally. A challenge was never far away, whether it was from collecting the rations or to ease some thugs boredom.

Barnsley FC are my team & woe be tide should anyone dare to follow any other.

First Job- I began working for the butcher at Barnsley co-op, I would make the deliveries with my trusty cycle and basket mounted above the front wheel - that is until it got stolen... which is another tale.

Army Life- I joined the Army in 1946 at Lanark as a clerk. In total I was signed up for 5 years with the colours, 7 years with the reserve and another year due to the Korean emergency. The Army saw me visit many places throughout my career namely - Cirencester, Thetford, Dusseldorf, Mulheim, Dortmund, Hamburg & Aldershot.

The Army taught me many things but what is still drilled in is that we had to keep our powder dry & not to volunteer... I had a brilliant time but was obliged to leave before being caught.... Another story another day.

Marriage - I first met Jorie (Marjorie) in the coronation year 1953. We both worked at the same department store, J L MacAdams at New Briggate, Leeds. I was in the gents tailoring dept and she in the ladies dept. Fate had set its course! Soon after Jorie told me she had a medical condition, but since meeting me it had vanished. In 1955 we wed. Alas 'it' resurfaced the day after we got back from honeymoon. Bringing something back she hadn't taken with her....

I hope you enjoy reading my many tales (all of which are true) about every day life to living with my wife who had OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

Within the section above labelled Living With OCD, I have included and continue to include regular snippets from my book Love Has No Regrets, which is centred around the mental health condition. Please feel free to add comments sharing your experiences also. No matter how vague or long, someone will value & learn from it...I know I will.

My spin of humour isn't artificially added as I was once told "Harry, you're a natural unconcious comedian..."

I didn't realise an ambition to write until in my late 50's (from Soldier to Salesman then Scribe) by which time a lifetime of material had already been lived - I just needed to pen it all down... Now where did Jorie put that pen?

The following link is to the NHS website's section on OCD http://tinyurl.com/bml7o4m. Please visit for advice on symptoms, causes & general comments from the public about their concerns relating to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Please feel free to comment or contact me about my stories & content of my website.